About Us [Who Are We?]

So. We need a mission statement. “Making the world a better place” doesn’t count. Even though it’s a great thing to do. We’ll need something more specific.

Something that answers the tough questions like:
  • What do we hope to accomplish?
  • What’s our overarching goal?
  • Just what are we trying to do here?

These questions aren’t easy to answer. DAK.com has so much untapped potential as a brand, a philosophy and a lifestyle. We have a great operation going, and I want to see our community thrive.

But of course, we need inspiration and we need a concrete plan, which takes us back to the start.

We need a mission statement.

It’s gotta be consistent with who we are now and define where we want to go.

But enough of the fluff. I think the best way to answer the “Who am I?” question, is by understanding what makes us unique as individuals. What makes you different than the guy sitting next to you on the subway?

The same goes for DAK.com. What are we doing that’s so special? Why do we DAKonians keep coming back to check in or to buy a new gadget?

Now that’s an easier question to answer.

First, let’s articulate what it is that we do at DAK.com:

  • #1 Solve and Simplify

    We find products that solve a problem or simplifies life in some way.

  • #2 Explain

    We review and explain in detail how that product is useful.

  • #3 Learn

    You learn exactly what to expect from the product and how you’ll be using it.

  • #4 Decide

    You then make an educated and well informed decision whether or not you need to buy it.

  • #5 Support

    If you have any questions about your order, you count on us to help you out. (Adam sends his regards to you.)

Now let’s compare that to a normal tech shopping experience:

  • #1 Uncertainty

    You know what problem you want to solve, but don’t know what product you need, or if it even exists.

  • #2 Searching and Searching

    You try different search terms and get thousands of results per search.

  • #3 Generic Sorting

    You try to sort through everything, but all you see are generic product descriptions.

  • #4 Confusing Filtering

    Filtering by price just makes everything more confusing. There’s no meaningful way to gauge quality.

  • #5 Cross Your Fingers

    After hours of research you just cross your fingers, click buy, and hope that you won’t need to call an outsourced customer service line.

What’s different about the DAK way of doing business?

I care more about relationships than numbers. Let’s call this difference the “Human Touch.”

Well, for one thing, I don’t see myself as a merchant. DAKonians get to know about me on a personal level. My personality, my likes and my values are all an open book. I sign my personal name on every review that I write! I’m not hiding behind the internet’s anonymity.

What kind of merchant or business ever does that?

No. I’m not a merchant. I care more about relationships than numbers.

Let’s call this difference the “Human Touch.”

By the same token, I’m easily accessible. I freely give out my email address. And I care that every customer gets well taken care of. I want each experience to be enjoyable, or even enriching. Even if you don’t buy something, I want you to walk away knowing more than you did when you first logged on to the site.

Besides, we often learn more from our friends than our teachers. And just because I like to educate, I’m still not your teacher. I’m just Sol.

I only review and sell products that I use for myself.

That level of accessibility just doesn’t exist in the real business world.

Now, I don’t know what goes on in other businesses, but here, I only review and sell products that I use for myself. If it isn’t good enough, easy enough, or useful enough for me, then why should I expect it to be good enough for my loyal customers?

I’m not sure what to call that, but it involves being honest, being fair and having integrity with our community.

Hmm… So we still haven’t got a mission statement, but we’re a whole lot closer.

Stay Tuned,