Social Media [It's About Time]

I’m 27 years old, so that makes me a “millennial.” That means I grew up on the internet. I was joining chat rooms on AOL since I was 9.

And according to the statistics, I should be using social media like the other 90% of my age group.

According to the statistics…

Ages 18-29 0%

Here’s the catch: I don’t use social media. I’ve loathed it for years.

I’m a man of principle. I’m a firm believer in face to face interactions. I want to build and maintain real time, real-life relationships.

That’s why I have no desire to “connect” with “friends” on such a superficial platform.
I value my friendships too much to trivialize the word with the click of a button.

But the data says I’m old fashioned. The proof is in the pudding:



With each increasing age group, the percentage of social networking use decreases. That means I’m in good company with our traditional values.

Still, as time marches on, our opinion is fading away into the past.
Are we the only rational thinkers left in our society??
Why doesn’t everyone else have the decency to value relationships the way that we do!?

I’ve been struggling with this for years, and I admit now that I may have been overzealous in pushing back against social media.

Because the truth is, it’s a mode of communication. It’s just a tool. It doesn’t change the way we value relationships at all.

And if it’s a tool, it’s our responsibility at DAK to figure out how to enhance our relationships and interactions with each other.

It’s time we signed up for social networking.
See ya there!


PS- If you’re like me and have never signed up for social media, check back and I’ll walk you through my experiences on different platforms, creating different accounts.