DAK’s LPs and Tapes to CD and MP3 System

Convert your LPs, Cassette Tapes and Reel to Reel into digital .wav, .mp3 and .ogg files.

LPs, 45s, cassettes and reel to reels don’t last forever.
It’s time to transfer your analog recordings into digital formats.
Fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
Now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and later



Main Features

  • Complete hardware + software package gets you transferring your vinyl records in minutes with step by step tutorials
  • Use your own turntable, cassette player or reel to reel to digitize your music
  • Save your tracks in mp3, wav, flac, ogg or wma formats
  • Create playlists of just your favorite tracks to play on your stereo, on your smartphone or in your car


Here’s what the others won’t tell you about converting LPs, cassettes and reel to reels into mp3 files:
They’ll don’t tell you that you could be using your own analog turntable or cassette deck to transfer your music library onto your computer.
Instead, they’ll  tell you to buy their cheaply built USB turntables and cassette decks that are bad for your vinyls and your audio quality.

Nor will they bother telling you just how much work is involved in using their software, from learning how to use it, to babysitting your recordings to manually splitting one long recording into individual tracks.

DAK’s LP and Tapes to MP3 Conversion System: Easier, Faster and Better Support

If you care about your music as much as I do, chances are that you already own really great equipment to play your music.

We won’t force you to buy our equipment when you simply don’t need it.

This diagram shows you what our LP to MP3 and CD conversion process looks like:


 Here’s what you need to transfer ANY analog audio into MP3 files: (or CDs, if you still use them)

Preamp Interface Mixer
Plug your turntable, tape deck or both into the DAK 2800-PC. Plug the DAK 2800-PC into your computer. Since it’s a two channel mixer, you can switch recording from channel A and channel B without disconnecting any of your devices. The hardware setup is that easy. From here on, the software takes over.

Audio Recording Software
To record the audio signal now flowing into your computer, you’ll need audio recording software.

Don’t worry it’s all included free with your order of the interface mixer.

Our recording software is called Audio Workshop, and we developed it specifically for your next project.

You don’t need any previous computer experience to get started on your LP to mp3 and CD conversion project. We teach it all to you from step one.

Additional information

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Interface Mixer + Audio Workshop Software, Pro Belt Drive Turntable + Interface Mixer + Audio Workshop Software, Pro Belt Drive Tuntable ALONE

The Software

Audio Workshop: Why It’s Better Than Freeware

DAK has been offering our LP to CD and MP3 system for the last fifteen years. We’ve served over 68,000 users in that time, most of whom had very little computer knowledge.

Free software isn’t tailor-made for any specific function, and especially not for a project digitizing your entire music library! It’s just a program that has some things you need, is missing other things that you want and is filled with loads of stuff you’ll never use. Then it’s up to you to figure it all out. There may be discussion boards if you have any questions, but there is no support team for you to consult with a real person if you run into any difficulty.

DAK’s Audio Workshop is developed from the customer’s perspective. We’ve included all the necessary features for you to digitize your records and tapes, while excluding most superfluous ones. The result is a user-centric experience that follows a clear and intuitive workflow to minimize the learning curve and maximize efficiency.

Specifically, Audio Workshop accomplishes this by implementing three different program tabs (just like the ones we use in web browsers), effectively dividing Audio Workshop into three sections. Each section represents a different stage of the conversion process – Recording, File Editing, Track Splitting.

I’ve detailed some of Audio Workshop’s breakthroughs on the right hand side bar. If you want to read the full details about Audio Workshop, you can do that on the page dedicated to reviewing it here (it opens in a new tab so you don’t need to get sidetracked).

Whichever program you use, whether ours our some other free program, the conversion process is the same.
You’ll need to record your audio signal flowing into the computer.
You’ll want to remove as many pops, clicks and other imperfections as you can.
You’ll want to equalize your audio to sound even better.
You’ll need to split you audio into individual tracks (Audio Workshop auto-splits your tracks with the click of a button).
You’ll want (really want) to tag your tracks with album info, track number, cover art and other identifying information.

These capabilities have been incorporated into Audio Workshop’s different program tabs so that you can get your entire project done easily without the cluttered overload of features.

If you’re using a Mac, laptop or all in one computer to transfer your LPs, make sure it has a line input. They usually don’t, so for you guys we have a component that adds the line input capability to your computer. Add it directly to your cart or read about it here.

Demo LP To MP3 Video

Audio Workshop Tutorial

LP to MP3 For Mac