About DAK [Who Are We?]

We Sell Electronics

and we love it.

We’re a small team of hardworking individuals.
Whether we’re discovering new gear, hearing from our customers or packing up your orders, we really love what we do.
We’re dedicated to our craft, to our good name and to you.

But here’s what we don’t love:

Online marketplaces and big superstores alike sell electronics without anything more than a spec sheet and a generic description written by someone who never even tested the product.

Finding the product you’re looking for is hard enough with thousands of products saturating your computer screen. Forget about finding new products. It’s a mess out there.

We believe the first step to creating a more inclusive, open and accessible industry is by changing the way our industry’s products are marketed.

Our mission is to give you the most informative, personable and enlightening shopping experience.

We just sell tech products, because we use them to simplify life and solve problems.
And yes, we only sell products that we ourselves use.

We’ve had enough of the fruitless searches for new technology.
We’re through with shopping experiences that leave us exhausted, frustrated and confused.

Welcome to DAK.com.
Thanks for checking us out.


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